“Dear Shareholders,

in 2022 Remazel has confirmed once again its growing path by recording a 40% increase in revenues respect to 2021, thus consolidating Company’s market positioning at the forefront. This result reflects both our ability to manage projects on a variety of scales and our capacity to do it in different Markets in the Offshore and Power Generation landscape.

The positive trend of Company order intake in 2022, exceeding 115Ml€, represents the clear evidence of this development journey in particular in the new sectors of Offshore Wind & Floating Wind, Cranes and Gas Turbine’s hot gas path components. Remazel has proven indeed to be able to emerge rapidly gaining an outstanding track record of high-level projects, while rising at the same time Company know-how and customers portfolio.

Once again, the major credit for Remazel achievements and my most heartfelt thanks goes to our people all, for their professionality and openness in facing and react to different situations coming both from market contingencies and new challenges. Only a strong determination in supporting the Energy Transition, allowed us to deal with pioneering projects by delivering innovative engineering solutions.”

Andrea Rosa, CEO of Remazel Engineering

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